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  • Sony Reinforces Brand Identity With Stunning Flower Petal Ad

    Sony Reinforces Brand Identity With Stunning Flower Petal Ad

    Normally, commercials are something you want to skip over and avoid altogether. But Sony’s newest ad will likely have you hitting the rewind button over and over again. The brand’s stunning new commercial to highlight its 4K TVs unleashes a symphony of breathtakingly beautiful flower petals—about 8 million to be exact–over a small town. The […]

  • Facebook Outage Equals Opportunity for Some Brands

    Facebook Outage Equals Opportunity for Some Brands

    As any brand will tell you, a critical factor in successful online marketing is the ability to capitalize on a potentially disastrous situation and use it to your advantage. That’s exactly what happened Monday morning when a widespread outage on Facebook caused the update status feature to malfunction, instigating what could have been a major […]

  • The Importance of SEO

    The Importance of SEO

    In today’s Internet-driven world, we have a plethora of information at the tips of our fingers. One Google, Yahoo or Bing search can yield literally millions of results on any number of given topics, That’s why it’s so hard for many businesses to stand out from the rest—because their website might be buried on page […]

  • SEO Consultant Beverly Hills

    SEO Consultant Beverly Hills

    Here at Beverly Hills based-Website Growth, we are a full-service Web design and Internet marketing firm offering services in SEO consulting, marketing, and content creation to ensure your website achieve its maximum potential. We have a variety of methods and analytical tools at our disposal to help drive traffic to your website, which in turn […]

  • Hollywood Hack Day

    Hollywood Hack Day

    Website Growth recently had the privilege to participate in what was undoubtedly one of the best hack events of the year: The Hollywood hack day, hosted at the United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, a fantastic location for the event. This is an event that we have been attending since its initiation and we are […]

  • Why Reputation Management Matters

    Why Reputation Management Matters

    Reputation management is something that every business owner has on there mind in the hyper-connected world we live in. So what does it involve exactly?   In short, it is about fully understanding and influencing your businesses reputation, especially in the online environment where there is no shortage of places where having misleading information could […]

  • 6 Tips To Design The Best YouTube Channel

    6 Tips To Design The Best YouTube Channel

    Making a good impression with your YouTube content means more than just uploading videos. To make a lasting impression on YouTube users, the key is to design the best YouTube channel you can. The basic landing page for any YouTube channel is pretty simple. You can jazz it up by taking advantage of YouTube’s many […]

  • Is Your Website Phone Friendly?

    Is Your Website Phone Friendly?

    Search on Smartphones Up 26 Percent! There are now a staggering 113.1 million people searching the web on their mobile devices. That’s up 26 percent from last year’s 90.1 million. People searching online via mobile device users are leaving desktop users in the dust, by about 6 percent. That alone should be enough incentive for […]

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