Facebook’s New Feature ‘Keyword Snooze’ May Be Bad For Businesses

Facebook has recently announced they are testing a new feature: keyword snooze. And it is exactly what it sounds like. This new feature has the potential to ‘silence’ content with certain keywords on any users feed. Facebook advertising services may be soon to suffer depending if they can get the right title on a post, or not. This new feature may be both, a blessing and a curse. Keyword Snooze Is Beneficial For

8 Simple Steps to Optimize your Facebook Profile

Standing out from the crowd is easier than you think. Appearance, diversification, and timing are at the root of success for businesses on Facebook . Marketers are able to provide successful Facebook advertising services because of the billions of users and millions of business pages on this social media platform.  There are also 53% of people who use Facebook all the time. Subtlety, strategic content often makes the most difference for team performance. Below

Marketing Without Proper Web Design is Pointless

A properly designed website is essential for any type of business or company. Although it may be true that a marketing campaign generates new leads and potential customers, a company’s website makes or breaks the marketing campaign. Our web design Beverly Hills team weighs in on the topic: Potential customers judge the credibility of a company based off of the design of their website. Our web design in Beverly Hills experts will

Business Cards: 5 Easily Avoidable Mistakes

Whether you’re an employee of a huge company or self-employed, one of the best tips for networking is to have your own business card. Having a well-designed business card will make you look professional and set you apart from others. It can be difficult for the average person to make a good first impression, but with a business card, they can leave a lasting impression. We know what you’re thinking… If they’re

3 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Essential for Businesses

Graphic design is the art of expressing ideas through textual and visual content. First impressions are important for everyone including businesses. The visual presentation of your business is a form of communication between you and your audience that can either repel them or draw them in. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your business, here are three reasons great graphic design in Beverly Hills can help you accomplish that goal.

The Influence of Graphic Design on History

As a leader in graphic design in Beverly Hills, our team at Website Growth has always understood the importance of graphic design. However, until now we had never considered the profound link between graphic design and historical events. History contributed to the development of graphic design and vice versa. The public can now better understand this link through two new cultural additions. One of these is the book by Jens Müller and Julius Wiedemann: A Visual