The Influence of Graphic Design on History

As a leader in graphic design Beverly Hills, our team at Website Growth has always understood the importance of graphic design. However, until now we had never considered the profound link between graphic design and historical events. History contributed to the development of graphic design, and vice versa. This public can now better understand this link through two new cultural additions. One of these is the book by Jens Müller and Julius Wiedemann: A Visual History

Learn Why Instagram Changes Will Affect Your Social Media Strategy

Instagram is undisputedly one of the most important social media tools a company can use for their marketing strategies, and they are making big changes. This social media marketing Beverly Hills agency noticed these alterations to the algorithm settings on Instagram. They explain why these changes are going to be important to your business. Best The "Best" Posts First   A while back Instagram made drastic changes that stopped showing content in

Netflix’s New Font Brings Many Benefits For the Company

Our graphic design Beverly Hills team, like so many Netflix users, had become accustomed to Netflix’s previous design logo. This logo greeted us each time we logged-in to watch another episode of House of Cards or Stranger Things, and over time we grew to associate it with the brand. However, the entertainment mogul has now left their old logo behind in favor of crafting their own typeface: Netflix Sans. Our graphic design

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Tips Business Owners Need To Know

Social media marketing Beverly Hills is an important part of gaining business success. Those looking to gain more of a following and reduce the hassle of managing their social media accounts should contact our agency. Start Out small Many companies starting out tend to overload themselves. Social media is one of those areas that can be limited. It’s not always necessary to start multiple social media platforms for a business. Social media platforms

Creative Brand Agency in Beverly Hills Identifies Crucial Rules To Rebranding Your Business

According to this top creative brand agency Beverly Hills, there’s a set of vital considerations to take into account when modifying your company’s brand image. This goes from logo modifications to a complete brand repositioning. The reasons vary as different businesses have specific objectives in mind that they wish to achieve by rebranding. The broad goal is to create a new and revamped feel to the company while leaving any outdated image

2018 Super Bowl Most Noteworthy Ads

This year’s Super Bowl brought about some of the most creative, and funniest commercials. Our graphic design Beverly Hills agency curated a list of the best and worst of 2018. The Worst: Diet coke came up with the most cringe-worthy and confusing ad. A scattered millennial advocates for Diet Coke’s new Mango flavor. She then takes a sip from a thin can of “Twisted Mango”, and dances awkwardly in front of a wall.