Facebook advertising services are essential when launching a product, company, or even film. A great example of this is the launch of Crazy Rich Asians which hit theater on August 15, 2018.

Releasing Teasers

Through means of Facebook advertising services, you are able to create an audience and fandom before the launch of said products. This is done through means of releasing teasers and dropping little snippets about what the product will be about, and any other interesting fact. Facebook advertising services lets users advertise their products, videos, blogs, etc, and reach the demographic and target audience you are aiming to reach. Crazy Rich Asians did this through means of releasing little snippets of the cast together in live feeds, videos, and photographs.

Facebook advertising services


By dropping snippets and teasers of products, you will be able to tell how well consumers are initially reacting to the product. Owners and marketers of the product will be able to see if this is an anticipated release from consumers. If consumers are responding well to the product, social media lets them interact with the products as well as well as discuss or ask questions about the product. This goes hand in hand with releasing teasers. Crazy Rich Asians fans were able to interact with the cast through these snippets and videos, and further excite them for the release of the film.

Creates Marketing

Facebook advertising services

By using social media platforms that let you advertise, such as Facebook and Instagram, you are able to get a more cost-effective way of marketing. Unique hashtags as well as billboards and promos attract more attention and visibility. Crazy Rich Asians also took this route through means of using the hashtag “#representationmatters”, a large issue that is important in underrepresented communities. Due to Facebook being such a popular social media site, you are able to attract more consumers in a shorter period of time. Facebook advertising services allows you to show your advertisements to the target audience you are trying to reach.

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