We design and create business cards that say what you want about yourself and your business. Every member of our Los Angeles based design team possesses the ingenuity, knowledge, and experience to provide eye-catching designs that will stand out from other business cards and clearly and concisely present your vital company contact information and brand message.

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Because so much of today’s business is conducted online, some business owners wonder if the concept of the business card is out of date or irrelevant in the modern business world. This is definitely not the case, though; use of business cards is not a thing of the past. Even in today’s digital business landscape, the business card plays an important role as one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. When professionally designed and created specifically to spread your brand message, business cards are a great tool for networking and can help you to establish credibility with new clients and potential customers in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area.

When a prospective customer is handed a brochure or print ad, they are not likely to carry it around with them. A business card, on the other hand, is something that customers and prospective clients will actually keep and look at more than once. A good business card design should contain your essential contact information and important details about your business that you want your clients to know. When a Website Growth.com design team creates a unique logo & business card for your company, the most vital information about your business will always be there at your clients’ fingertips to be looked at again and again, and they will not have to remember anything.

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Business cards are an inexpensive marketing tool, and have lasting

marketing effects. If just one of your company’s eye-catching

business cards makes its way into the right hands, it may

generate a lead or bring new business to your company.

When this occurs, that one card will have paid for the

entire logo & business card design and print service

hundreds of times over. Website Growth offers many

pricing options including high-quantity order

discounts, making this excellent marketing tool

even more affordable for your company.

The practicality of business cards in day-to-day marketing cannot be overstated. Most business cards are perfectly sized to carry easily and hand out quickly to prospective clients. They also save valuable time when you want to exchange information with customers or other business contacts.

Our professional business card design experts know just how to present the most important information about you and your company on this small but valuable marketing tool. We create simple but eye-catching logos and know what print styles, colors, ink types and card stock will best present the image you want to convey. We can customize your cards with photographs that you provide, or we have stock photos from which you can choose to represent your company. If Website Growth is providing you with other design services such as website design or brochure creation, our designers will ensure that your logo and the overall scheme of your marketing presence is continuous throughout all of the products and services we provide.

Website Growth can design and create the perfect supplement to your first impressions with potential customers. You simply pay once for full rights, and then you can utilize the business card design we create for you in any way you wish. Present your contact information in one easy-to-carry business card to make yourself and your brand memorable and create lasting relationships with customers and industry peers.


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