A lot has changed for media buyers this year and finding the best Facebook advertising services or social media partners for a brand can be challenging.

Thankfully, most of these changes are for the better and reliable media services are finding more efficient ways to help protect your brand.

Optimize Your Brand  

Optimization is still the key for greater performance. If a programmatic service is not properly adjusted, then the algorithm will not match the goals of your campaign. Sometimes it is best to go solo with blocking unwanted domains or adjusting bids to match your goals. It is also best to find an agency that specializes in a particular medium when partnering with an agency. If your focus is on brand awareness with video ads, you need to find an agency with an extensive video portfolio. They can best handle all of your video content instead of an agency with video services as an afterthought. Likewise, if you are advertising directly through Facebook to get more followers to your business page look for agencies that highlight their Facebook advertising services.

Facebook Advertising Services

Blacklist and Whitelist

One thing to consider when using programmatic advertising is a Blacklist and Whitelist to protect brand safety. Unfortunately, programmatic services can sometimes run ads in a less than ideal environment. A family product ad running through a website that hosts violent content is definitely a problem. Thankfully, the media buying industry is looking more keen to the idea of a Blacklist and a Whitelist. These lists can help in combating certain environments that have repeatedly shown to be negative for brand identity. They also promote environments that agencies know are safe.

Avoid Fraud

Due to the automatic nature of programmatic advertising, brands can be susceptible to ad fraud from domain spoofers without a media seller even knowing. This is because the journey from bid to ad is hidden, which may lead to an ad being shown on a site with fraudulent traffic numbers. To combat this, IAB has created a digital seller tool ads.txt.. This tool will help buyers avoid defrauders and help prevent ad fraud. Although it is ultimately the seller’s responsibility to have an ad run in a trusted domain, it is the media buyer’s responsibility to find a partner that uses ads.txt.. Even if a partner that uses ads.txt costs more than one that does not, trust us when we say that the added security will be worth it.

Facebook Advertising Services

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