Instagram is undisputedly one of the most important social media tools a company can use for their marketing strategies, and they are making big changes.

Our social media marketing Beverly Hills agency noticed new alterations to the algorithm settings on Instagram. Below we explain why these changes are important to your business.

Instagram Alters Its Algorithm For The First Time and Users Don’t Like It

social media marketing Beverly Hills A while back Instagram made drastic changes that stopped showing content in chronological order. Instead, they showed content that they deemed to be the “best” over content that was posted more recent. They reasoned that users would want to see content they care about more than newer content posted in chronological order. There was a major backlash from businesses who worried that their consumers would not see their posts as often. Businesses and brands were concerned users could not engage with their content in the same way. If their consumers were not consistently engaging in their content, the algorithm put sponsored posts at the bottom of a user’s feed. Instagram is now responding to complaints by designing a new algorithm feed.

Instagram Updates Algorithm Feed Once Again, So What Does This Mean For Your Company?

As a result of complaints, Instagram is responding to an uproar from users and is now putting the newest posts first in a user’s feed. This means that businesses and brands can relax because their content will still show up in their follower’s feed. Previous changes caused numerous complaints online, and hopefully, these new changes will solve chronological issues for the time being.

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