Website Growth, our marketing Beverly Hills agency, understands how social media can be an effective tool for businesses looking for new channels to reach their target audience.

These platforms can take on many different purposes for brands, utilizing them for social selling, customer support, or content marketing. However, most brands come to find their social media to perform poorly and out-of-touch with their target market. If your brand falls under this description, then it’s suggested you follow these social media branding strategies for improved results.

Selecting Appropriate Networks

Not all social media is created equal. Different platforms have different uses and finding success in your social media branding involves understanding your brand’s identity and target market to utilize the appropriate platform. A law firm will not find the best results using Tumblr, a millennial clothing brand can find commonality with a large majority of Twitter users. The first step to success in your branding strategy is selecting the appropriate network to base your brand.

Visual Branding is Vital

Representing your brand in its best light comes not only from the content being posted but also from the visual identity you craft. A visually appealing profile can capture the attention of the average user scrolling through a feed. These visuals help consumers make their own individual opinions of your brand, it’s up to your business to make sure these visuals are consistent and in line with your brand’s core identity.

Refine Your Identity

The identity of your brand should always shine through the content being posted. Developing a social media voice is critical to connecting brand with an audience. Keeping this voice consistent with your company culture creates an honest and relatable ‘personality’ to your brand. Utilizing key phrases and hashtags in relation to the community your brand services shows a social media voice in direct reflection to your culture.

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