Instagram has been using hashtags since the beginning of their app development. Each year they come up with something new and exciting to catch their app user’s attention. Our marketing Beverly Hills company has all the insight on Instagrams newest addition the hashtag stories.

What To Expect

Instagram always tries to stay trendy through their updates, but their latest one is getting Instagram users especially excited. Hashtags have now been created into their own individual stories. For example, if you were to search #peanuts, a plethora of top peanut related posts would play continuously. Any and everything can now be tagged into a story viewed worldwide.

Hashtags On Hashtags

This new hashtag feature has endless possibilities. If you were to hashtag #friends, you could see world-wide what everyone is posting in this hashtag. Instagram has previously tested out this technique a couple months ago, but it was only available to a few users. Excitedly, this new feature was launched for all Instagram users yesterday.

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What Does This Mean For Users?

Users are now able to find more connections to those like-minded individuals. If someone has an extreme interest in #surfing, than other surfing enthusiasts are able to find connections and connect with those accounts. This could also be another way to market various accounts. As a marketing Beverly Hills agency, we know the importance of using various ways to market a brand.

Following The Hashtag

Not only has this new app addition allowed for different enthusiast to view hashtags worldwide, but they have also created a way for people to follow those hashtags. When a user follows a hashtag it appears in their daily story feed. Like any other account follow, you are easily able to unfollow hashtags.

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