A properly designed website is essential for any type of business or company. Although it may be true that a marketing campaign generates new leads and potential customers, a company’s website makes or breaks the marketing campaign. Our web design Beverly Hills team weighs in on the topic:

Potential customers judge the credibility of a company based off of the design of their website. Our web design in Beverly Hills experts will help create the perfect website that will give any visitor a good first impression.

Below are reasons as to why the design of a website is very important for businesses to succeed:

Web design Beverly Hills

A Website is Your Credibility

Previous studies have shown that up to 75 percent of people base their credibility on a business off of the quality of their website. It’s obvious that credibility has a direct relation to purchases. Do you know what this means? If your website is designed poorly then you’re losing potential customers. It’s important to show your audience that you own a trustworthy and legitimate business, which is often shown through the quality of your website’s design.

Web Design Has a Direct Effect on Conversion

Giving your website a small lift in design can help produce more purchases. Small things that people tend to overlook, such as color and design elements, impact the decision of your visitors. Use web design to your advantage by clearly stating what your brand represents. When visitors land on your website, it should be apparent what your brand is about and which industry they are involved in. Make sure that your website coincides with your marketing efforts offline. If your web design doesn’t necessarily match your marketing campaign then you will lose the impact you intended for your audience.

Web design Beverly Hills

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