Whether you’re an employee of a huge company or self-employed, one of the best tips for networking is to have your own business card. Having a well-designed business card will make you look professional and set you apart from others. It can be difficult for the average person to make a good first impression, but with a business card, they can leave a lasting impression. We know what you’re thinking… If they’re so beneficial how come there’s plenty of business cards seen all over the floor or in recycling bins? It’s because a majority of people try to design and print their own cards.

We’ll show you why you should turn to our Business Card Design service here in Beverly Hills. It’s important to outsource your business card creation to ensure professional quality and design.

When designed correctly, business cards can be a powerful tool for making connections. Below are 5 common mistakes people can avoid while creating a business card.

Mistake #1: Too Much Text

When someone reads your business card they are not expecting your life story. Just like a resume, you want to keep your card short and simple. Filter out all unnecessary information and keep the important things such as your contact info, company, what you do and why they should contact you.

Mistake #2: Just Another Boring Card

Most business cards you see thrown away or forgotten are visually unattractive. It’s important when creating a card to make it stand apart from the rest. This means using unique designs and templates as well as exploring different color options.

Mistake #3: Quantity Over Quality

It doesn’t matter how many business cards you print and give out if the quality is poor. This is a problem that most people run into when printing their own cards from home. There are lines resulting from poor ink quality or the paper just feels too thin. When creating business cards don’t be afraid to outsource to another printing company who has the correct inkjet and stock paper.

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Mistake #4: Small Print

If you need to squint in order to read your business card then the font is probably too small. Keep type size no smaller than 7-8 point. The name of the company should also be somewhere around 12-15 point.

Mistake #5: Phone Number is the Only Contact Information

Make sure to provide an email address and website under your contact section. A majority of people will not call your phone because they do not want to sit through a sales pitch. Your website will allow them to get to learn about you and your business more.

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