Social Connect Services Los Angeles says blogging is a great way to get visibility and drive traffic to your site.

Specifically, bloggers want to expand their blogs and grow traffic on their sites. Growth hacks can take your blogs to another level.


Making yourself visible to marketers is essential for making your blogs profitable.


Whether you are a novice or seasoned blogger, over-complicating can become an issue. “Blogger-myopia” can occur when a blogger is focusing on big ideas and disregard other ideas that can potentially make more of a difference. When a blogger overlooks the ideas that they view as minor it can be a disservice to themselves. The ideas that are minor to them can be pivotal for the audience. It is best to optimize all ideas that you have in order to increase your audience.


Here are 5 growth hacks for bloggers to know


– Hacking the consistency of your social media

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Your audience enjoys doing things habitually. Entice their habitually ways by creating a schedule to share your social media content. A great platform to use is Buffer!


– Hacking your publicity to brands

Webfluential displays your blogs to thousands of brands daily. Being visible to brands can exponentially grow your blog traffic and boost your popularity.

– Hacking your list of subscribers

Who wouldn’t want the ability to download content? Develop your list of subscribers by making popular content freely downloadable.

– Hacking the audiences of your competitors

Taking advantage of Twitter advertisements can acquire your competitors’ audiences. Twitter is used by millions of people per day; trying to utilize Twitter advertisements can be very beneficial to you.

– Hacking your visibly online

Remarketing can greatly increase visibility online and it helps gain trust between you and your audience. Allowing your audience to see your content multiple times after visiting your site is very useful!