Your Instagram Feed is all about first impressions. Social Media Services Los Angeles list five ways to make your first impression a good one.

-Pick an Instagram Aesthetic.


First off, your Instagram Feed does not need to have a specific theme to it. By choosing a specific theme you are limiting yourself to endless creative possibilities. Why not choose an aesthetic that collaborates with your photos instead? By doing so you have more freedom on your news feed; you can upload photos that correspond to the “aura” of your Instagram. This will give you a multitude of possibilities.


-Edit Photos EquivalentlySocial Connect Services Los Angeles2

In order for your photos to complement each other and correspond with your aesthetic you should edit your photos in the same way. For example, choosing to use a few filters instead of countless will allow the photos to be more relevant to the aesthetic. Try using apps that promote colorful feeds or nostalgic feeds. Posting a variety of pics that are not related such as selfies, cars, hiking, and biking can be held together by the color or tone chosen.


-Pay Attention To Your Feed

Try looking at your feed holistically to gain a perspective. Do the photos fit together in a sequential order or are they randomly spewed out on your feed? Try to instead post photos in a sequential order. For example, post a seflie then a beach outing not two or three selfies in a row followed by one beach outing then one selfie.


-Resist Posting Irrelevant Photos

Once you have realized that you are a specific type of Instagrammer such as minimalist or eccentric, you should follow that pace. You should not post outlandish photos if you are the minimalistic type and likewise minimalistic photos if you are the eccentric type.


-Make a Schedule For Your Instagram

Some Instagrammers spend hours on organizing what they plan to post on their feed. Today most people don’t just post photos in the heat of the moment; instead they plan what the next post will be.