In case you aren’t quite up-to-date with the news, the FCC repealed Net Neutrality this month. Website Growth, a Beverly Hills marketing company, is here to lay out the facts and answer your questions.

What Exactly Is Net Neutrality?

The Net Neutrality principle is that all websites and services should be equally accessible to both users and content providers. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are not allowed to promote or slow down specific services to beat competitors. Those who oppose Net Neutrality believe ISPs should have the freedom to be selective and pick which online traffic they want to allow.

What’s Happened Since The Vote?

The former FCC Chairman had officially labeled broadband providers as telecommunication companies, which allowed the FCC to have more control over them. So far since the vote, our Beverly Hills marketing company has found that the FCC has removed that previous title change from Internet service providers. The commission as also removed the rules that prevented intentional slowing or speeding up of an online service.

When Will Changes Start?

ISPs will not make any immediate changes but expect things to happen gradually. Although the repeal has passed, there are groups who are still trying to prevent the FCC from following through.

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What Happens To Me (The Consumer)?

People advocating for Net Neutrality expect the repeal to allow ISPs to give preferential treatment to their own services or charge more. Essentially, if you were to pay for faster Internet, you may have to pay an additional fee if the service you’re using is not under your ISP.

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