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Through the internet, people are connected more intimately than they have ever been before. Through text, pictures, and even videos one can explore worlds they’d never experience otherwise. Lee Aase, the Mayo Clinic’s social media director, did something unprecedented: he streamed video of his colonoscopy for the web to see.


Colon cancer is the only form of cancer that is preventable through prior detection. In addition to that, colon cancer is also the most treatable form of cancer; very few people afflicted with the disease even have to get colostomies. Unfortunately, screenings are not always done consistently. Cancer of the colon is the second deadliest form of cancer in the United States. The American Cancer Society recommends people 50 and older to be screened.

Colonoscopies search the colon for Social Connect Services Los Angelespolyps, fleshy and possibly cancerous growths.

In honor of March being Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Lee Aase decided to utilize Periscope, a Twitter-owned video streaming application, in order to share his colonoscopy with the public. When Aase originally got the idea to stream a colonoscopy, he’d conceptualized it being done on someone else. Eventually, Aase realized that it would be better if he did it himself.


Aase utilized Twitter to promote his stream in advance, and actively blogged about preparing for his colonoscopy on Mayo Clinic’s website. His whole procedure was livestreamed; the entire hour-and-a-half was broadcast without any problems. Additionally, a video crew joined Aase and recorded the procedure in order to post it on Facebook and Youtube.

The ultimate goal of this streamed procedure was to create colon cancer awareness.

Aase wants to remove the social stigma of getting a colonoscopy; he knows that some people find the procedure to be embarrassing or even invasive. Aase hopes that his livestream will lead to an increase in colonoscopy screenings.