Digital retailers use a number of features to dominate the market.

Below are 10 of the essential features to include when designing an e-commerce website:

1. Guest Checkout

Implement the ability to checkout without creating a new account. This will boost sales. The lack of a guest checkout option causes 14% of customers to abandon their online cart.

2. Provide Detailed Information

Provide details like product photos, specifications, and costs to help consumer decision-making.

3. Product Recommendations

Suggest products similar to ones that consumers purchased. This creates 10-30% of e-commerce revenue.

4. Include an “Add to Cart” Option

Consumers purchase products largely by “adding to cart”.  Find a place for this button and use bright, vibrant colors and maximize the size of the button so consumers can see it.

5. Processing the Payment

Include Visa, MasterCard and even American Express as methods of payment that customers can use to purchase their product.web design Beverly Hills

6. Blog Posts

Consumers often read online posts when finding information about products and affordable ways to purchase them. Companies and B2B marketers who blog find that blogs help create 97% more links to their website and 67% more leads, respectively.

7. Customer Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback are a great way for potential customers to see if their purchase is worth it. It is helpful to give the customer an outlet to express their opinion.

8. Social Media

Keep your customers engaged by including a social media button on your page.  Unfortunately, on average e-commerce sites have less than 500 Facebook followers because they fail to properly engage their customers. Allow your customers to see your content on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

9. Policy for Return

Inform your consumers of a return policy before they purchase a product. The policy should be specified in the return policy page on the website which should contain a direct link for access.

10. Create an “About Us” Section

An “about us” section lets consumers know more about your company. Adding testimonials is an effective way for consumers to refer to the experiences of previous customers.

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