Facebook has recently announced they are testing a new feature: keyword snooze. And it is exactly what it sounds like. This new feature has the potential to ‘silence’ content with certain keywords on any users feed. Facebook advertising services may be soon to suffer depending if they can get the right title on a post, or not. This new feature may be both, a blessing and a curse.

Keyword Snooze Is Beneficial For Facebook Users

Through using this new feature, users who wish to remain uninformed about all the bad occurrences in the world can choose to do so. This is both a positive and a negative feature. Users can choose to rid themselves of all the negative or irrelevant news away from their life, therefore de-stressing themselves. As a result, their newsfeed will be filled with content they’re interested in. However, this leaves users uneducated about certain trending topics.

Keyword Snooze May Be A Double-Edge Sword For Advertisers And CompaniesFacebook advertising services

That is initially what ‘Keyword Snooze’ is meant to be for. However, users will get smart and realize that not only can they ‘snooze’ a keyword relating to current events, they can also ‘snooze’ words or phrases related to certain companies or services.

For example, Apple or iPhone. If a user chooses to snooze the word ‘Apple’ or ‘iPhone’, this means that Apple will have one less person they can reach their ad posts with as that person will have silenced them from their feed.  

Some Tips To Be Less Likely To Be ‘Keyword Snoozed’

As an agency that has been providing users with Facebook advertising services for many years, we understand this means potential less clicks on posts. So we’re here to help overcome the issues of Facebook’s new feature with these 3 tips:

  1. Post content people genuinely want to learn about – it’s easy to post sponsorships or ads, but if the title of your post is selling a product or service, people will be less likely to engage with it or click it.
  2. Quality over quantity – don’t spam your users with content that makes them wish you posted less. Less is always more. It’s better to have quality, relevant topics as opposed to constant posts that feel like spam to their audience.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your audience – users don’t want to feel like you’re just trying to get clicks. They want to feel like you’re genuinely feeding them important topics for their own well-being. The less you sound like a company spamming them, the least likely they’ll want to keyboard snooze you.

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