User-generated content is a significant benefit for businesses.

Content posted about a business or product is often considered more engaging when coming from a fellow consumer.

Social media is crucial to user-generated content. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter display most of the influential user-generated content. Consumers post pictures, videos, and reviews about products and businesses on these social media sites which can create a new kind of buzz that is not easily obtained.

According to Beverly Hills Marketing Company here are the top reasons user-generated content is actually helping your business:

Creates Buzz:Beverly Hills Marketing Company

Consumers posting about a specific product can get their followers talking about it.  For example, if a friend posts about how much they like a certain brand, it might cause someone who’s following them to try the brand themselves.


Often what users promote online are applicable to both themselves and their users, therefore, promoting the product to its target audience.


People tend to feel a sense of authenticity when their friends promote or use a certain product. Also, people are more likely to trust their social media friends because they feel a sense of trust with them.  Statistics show that 92 percent of users trust their social media connections more than general advertising.

Reaping the Benefits

Obviously, user-generated content can create a significant impact on consumers, however, it won’t just instantly.  In order for a business to gain user-generated content, they must engage and connect with their target audience.  Often users want to be featured by a brand; hence they promote the product through social media channels.  Building a solid relationship with a target market is crucial for businesses to attract users who want to promote them.

Ultimately, empowering customers to advocate for your brand through encouragement and engagement is vital to properly utilizing user-generated content.