Does waking up at 4AM sound early to you?

Well, it’s not early for the famous pro-wrestler and movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock says his early wake-up call correlates with his successful career. Having been successfully in his career, he now aims to help you wake up every morning. Your Beverly Hills Marketing Company, Website Growth, brings you the inside scoop!


With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s alarm, he can sing to you or play ringtones; he calls it The Rock Clock. The Rock Clock is an app for smartphones; now available on Android and iOS. By the way, the price of The Rock Clock is $0, it’s free; no sneaky hidden in-app purchases either. The Rock’s reason behind The Rock Clock: to help people set goals and waking them early each day. And by the way, The Rock despises the snooze button, so one is not featured on the Rock Clock.


As you open the app it prompts you to enter a goal, be it with a deadline or infinite. After that, you can set your deadline or proceed to the screen where your alarm can be set. As you tap through the screens, the Rock gets directly into the motivational talk, saying things like “you got this,” and “you can do this.”


In total The Rock Clock has 25 ringtones, some may sound a little ridiculous, but they were all made by The Rock. Some of the ringtones are recorded sounds of him and his dog, while some are him playing a guitar.


In addition to the ring tones, The Rock actually checks in on the users with videos that he uploads. Sometimes, he may check in with you daily or weekly to encourage you to stick with your goals. The Rock Clock allows you to synchronize The Rock’s time, which is 4:15AM or you have the option of changing the time to a later hour.


The Rock Clock is the second released item by the rock right after the popular gym bag.