Facebook advertising services has quickly become the world’s most popular advertising on the internet.

The rate of people using the site and more importantly, the amount time they spent on the site has continued to dramatically increase. With the skyrocketing usage, one thing has become clear; Facebook is an amazing forum to advertise on that is sure to get customers mass exposure. Advertising revenue continues to grow exponentially for the Facebook, and many companies are enjoying the benefits of the reasonable priced advertising space.


Facebook offers an array of special features that make it well suited for any business’ advertising needs.

We have compiled a list of 7 reasons why to use Facebook as an advertising space.


1. Demographic Targeting:

Facebook allows for demographic targeting based on several factors. First, you can utilize the likes and interests as listed on the user’s profile page. Furthermore, you can specify your ads to reach certain age, sex, education, location demographics, and more. Also, you can specify your ads to reach audiences who have liked or clicked on certain posts.

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2. Cost per Click Prices:

Facebook is one of the most inexpensive options for advertising, perhaps up to 67% cheaper than Google Adwords.


3. Social Capital:

Facebook’s strength is based on its word of mouth potential. When someone likes an ad, they are giving their personal endorsement, which is much more convincing than some random advertisement. When people in your network like something, it shows you, and you may have multiple people liking the same thing.


4. User Personalized Ads:

Facebook can allow advertisers to offer ads according to your listed interests and click history because they participate in information sharing. This way people are seeing ads already similar to their interests.


5. More Characters in the Text:

Facebook allows more text in the title, text, and display that Google Adwords. More characters mean better descriptions in your ads.


6. Ability to Add Images:

Facebook has the option of including images in the ads, both still photos and video. Visual imagery is a great way to display a product or service.


7. Amount of Time People Spend on the Site:

As mentioned above, people are using the Facebook site more than any other site on the web, and they are staying for extended periods of time. That means that means that ads have more opportunity to get seen by the public.


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