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With 2018 approaching, firms will need to predict which digital marketing trends will be the most worthwhile investments in the coming new year.

1. Video Content is KeyMarketing Beverly Hills

With most social media platforms optimizing their video capabilities, it’s only natural that video marketing will be essential in 2018 for creating engaging content. Video content provides marketers with a tool to take a wealth of information and make it easily digestible and far more entertaining to an audience. The increased engagement will most likely help marketers get their message across far more effectively.

2. Location Based Tech

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been able to utilize the GPS capabilities on mobile devices to create check-ins and location tags for their users. Location-based features will see a continued rise in 2018 with geolocation marketing linking nearby businesses with consumers. Delivery apps like UberEats and Postmates utilizing location-based tech have shown the creative ways in which this tech can connect consumers to relevant businesses. Marketers should take an interest in location-based tech as its development will only improve as the new year rolls in.

3. Augmented Reality

Development in augmented reality tech saw rapid growth this year and many companies have taken notice. Out of the extremely popular gaming app Pokemon Go, AR has already found use with marketers in a wide swath of industries. IKEA’s augmented reality app IKEA Place combines AR tech and their product catalog to give consumers a chance to virtually “test” the furniture outright in their homes. Ads in the 3-D space could likely be the next big step in digital marketing.

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