With trends and the interests of society continuously changing, there may come a time where a brand may need to rebrand itself in order to stay in business.

Even a prestigious Beverly Hills marketing company may need to alter its image in an evolving community in order to fulfill the needs and wants of consumers.

This may be the only way of saving a company from going downhill.

Many fears can arise when it comes to changing the image of a brand.The founder of the company may fear that the change may drive away loyal consumers or that the shift was not based on accurate research. These 5 companies overcame these obstacles and increased the longevity of their business.

1. Applebeverly hills marketing company

After suffering from low sales in the 1990s, Steve Jobs took over and created a modern and minimal image of the brand. This new marketing strategy focused on innovative ideas rather than the product itself. This change drew in a diverse range of customers.

2. McDonalds

After the company faced a downfall with being put to blame for the obesity epidemic, McDonalds continues to evolve into a more desirable and healthy brand. Not only have they renovated their locations to be more modern and clean, but they have also included fresher food into their menu.

3. Old Spice

Originally, Old Spice was viewed as a mediocre brand and only for a more traditional audience. A new advertisement featuring athlete Isaiah Mustafa portrayed their deodorant to be both sexy and youthful. The brand quickly went from something that was viewed to be solely for an older audience to something more contemporary.

4. Burberrybeverly hills marketing company

With Burberry originally being associated with gang wear, the new creative director decided to put a spin on the brand . They introduced new products that strayed away from the previous image of the brand. In addition, new celebrity endorsers helped bring Burberry attain the image of a luxurious fashion brand.

5. High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup was first seen as a contributing factor of the obesity epidemic. Many corporations depend on high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. Companies noticed that sales were decreasing. They decided to rename the sweetener to “fructose” or “corn syrup.” This simple name change was able to repair the tainted image of the brand.