At Website Growth, we are constantly keeping up with the most current studies on Instagram marketing. We have created a digested list of practical Instagram marketing tips that’ll aid the growth of your social media presence.

The timing myth debunked by our social media marketing Beverly Hills based company.

Top marketing companies have conducted numerous studies attempting to pin-point the “best time to post on Instagram” but none have reached a general consensus.

These conflicting suggestions point us toward the conclusion that different times work better for different companies. A time that’s optimal for one business might yield poorly for another, therefore becoming a matter of posting at different times and comparing post engagement.

If this seems too tedious, you may want to resort to using tools like Buffer and Iconosquare. These will use your Instagram account data, generating the times that are best for you to post and get the most engagement.

Studies show that accounts posting upwards of seven times per week will experience faster growth and get more likes than those that post less than seven times per week.

Adopt a regular posting schedule, posting once or twice a day. This will allow you to post high-quality content consistently, without running out of content ideas. Therefore, also reducing the risking of losing followers due to changes in frequency.

Your Business Shouldn’t Neglect Instagram Stories

Since the introduction of Instagram stories, there has been a sharp decrease in engagement on Instagram posts. Surveys show that almost 25% of Instagram users have dropped their habitual post-related activity to watch Stories. This could be an opportunity for your business, as it’s been reported that brands have been experiencing a 35% increase in views from when they relied on Snapchat stories, as well as an increase in Direct Messages replying to their stories.

User-Generated Content Can Have A Great Impact On Your Brand Growth  social media marketing Beverly Hills

User-generated content is one of the best marketing techniques to try out. This involves curating user pictures and videos, product reviews, and picture contests. The likelihood of converting consumers into customers increases by 4.5% when they see a user-generated picture.  This number rises to 9.6% when they interact with the same picture. This is why top brands like GoPro put such emphasis on posting their users’ content to their own Instagram.

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