Our marketing firm is here to deliver some more important news for online advertisers.

Facebook is introducing a way for users to easily view who is advertising to them, and if they are a part of a target audience.  This is an attempt to make the website’s advertising more transparent, which will allow users to see each ad that pages are running.  There are also going to be stricter verification rules on election-related ads.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make it harder for politicians to break the rules through social media.

These new changes are designed to make it simpler to see which groups are communicating around election time.  In the wake of Russian ad revelations, the innovative creator wants to help play a fair role in this country’s election process.  However, with possible government regulation, Facebook is doing its best to prepare to testify before Congress.

This ad transparency test will begin in Canada next month.

Expanding to the United States by next summer, this feature will have all election ads stored in a searchable archive for four years.  The information that will be available for each ad is their spending, their targeted demographics, and the number of users they reached.   While political ads will carry a tag specifying who paid for them and verified background information on the advertiser’s identity.  There will also be tools to identify which political advisers are not providing the information that the company asks for.  This is the same protocol for other ads that violate the company’s policies.

Since the election, the company has taken various steps to eliminate any hoaxes or misleading ads.

This is a significant step Facebook is taking towards changing the landscape of online advertising, especially for political figures.

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