The holidays are closing in and our marketing firm West LA is here to give you advice on how to be ready. Read on to see our tips for optimizing your business during the holidays:

1. Make Your Store Holiday-Friendly

Decorate your store windows with the holiday spirit to attract more customers, and maybe give out free chocolate by the entrance.

2. Make Your Store Kid-Friendly

The Holidays usually revolve around family time and making your store child-friendly, which will entice more customers to enter. Fill a small section of the store with activities to keep children occupied, such as coloring pages or holiday décor for families to take pictures with.

3. Extend Store Hours

Keeping your stores open for a few more hours after your usual closing time will help lessen the stress of shopping for some. People end up with last minute-shopping plans and keeping your doors open for as long as possible will bring in additional sales.

4. Send out Promotional Items

If your store plans to send out promotional holiday cards, stand out by distributing them early. Be sure to send out festive emails with coupons or send out a secret discount code with a direct link that can only be found by customers in your newsletter. The more you promote the holidays, the better. If you’re an office-type business, issue promotional calendars for the New Year with your business logo.

5. Make Gift-Giving Easier

Create gift bags or sets for customers to easily pick one up for the holidays. Offering gift-wrapping as an extra service will also entice customers (Even better if it’s a complimentary service). Offer free shipping to little or no minimum purchase for online shoppers.

6. Advertise Your Gift Cards

Gift cards are easily the most popular item during the holidays since it allows recipients to choose their own gifts. Advertise that your store offers gift cards, or include gift card bonuses such as “Buy a $25 gift card, get a $5 one free.”

7. Have a Clear Returns Policy

Offering a lenient returns policy will increase chances of customers shopping at your store. Make sure you have your policy plastered in your store for customers to see. People want the assurance that gifts can be returned in case it does not work out.

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