Virtual marketing is still in its embryonic stage, but the possibilities are limitless and the room for innovation in VR marketing has many marketing specialists abuzz about the future.

With the inevitable move towards virtual reality, there are many unanswered questions surrounding how the new tech will impact general business practices. According to Marketing Beverly Hills,  marketers are excited about the possible application of virtual reality to their marketing mixes.


How would you use virtual reality marketing if you were Nike? Would you have a virtual slam dunk contest with Lebron James?  What other kinds of application that would combine virtual reality and marketing can you imagine?


Major players in the tech space are investing considerable sums in the world of virtual reality. Brands like Facebook, Google and other major players have spent considerable effort in VR.


The future of marketing lies in virtual reality, and the bounds of what’s possible is limitless. Imagination will be the only limiting factor. If you can dream it, you make it a virtual reality. No more will brands be relegated to using print ads, radio ads or even social media ads.


One big question is how far off is this technology? Experts say it’s a lot closer than you may think.

Many industry experts think Facebook will be the platform largely responsible for leading the progression into the virtual reality world by combining their existing position with the new technology.


We are already starting to see many of the vanguard brands starting to dabble in virtual reality marketing. One exciting example is McDonald’s has started to incorporate virtual reality into their happy meals. Many brands are waiting anxiously to see how McDonalds will navigate its foray into virtual reality marketing.