Website Growth recently had the privilege to participate in what was undoubtedly one of the best hack events of the year: The Hollywood hack day, hosted at the United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, a fantastic location for the event.

This is an event that we have been attending since its initiation and we are proud to be a part of it every year and to have watched its growth. It is a fantastic event which gives people in our industry the chance to meet and network with each other, helping everyone to become more enlightened about what is happening real-time in the social space. In addition, it provides an important opportunity to understand and harness the new tech which is now out there and can be used in new and innovative ways. A great example of this is the growth in API’s and how harnessing these has been a major step forward for many businesses in the industry. It is also important to acknowledge the great sponsors that the event had, without whom it never could have taken place, namely: Mashery, Rdio, Spotify, Tokbox, Twilio, Sendgrid, Klout, Topspin, Sonos, Tumbler, Gracenote and the community sponsers: OMD, TBWACHAITDAY, Nettwerk Music Group and SpaceX.

Hack Day Hollywood

An important contributing factor that makes these events so amazing are the representatives from the API companies with their help and support. In particular, Song from Tokbox is someone I would like to highlight as having really made the event the what it is today, having been present at many such events, he goes above and beyond to meet all those attending and offer his help with whatever they are working on.


Website Growth was represented by Ben Behrooz, who has been an avid supporter of the community on which the event is based and a proud collaborator. The importance of supporting events such as these is of great importance, as the Los Angeles tech community is one in which many products and services are created that literally change peoples lives. The technology that comes out of relationships which are cultivated at events like these often goes on to make life easier for many people, which ultimately is the aim of technological development of any kind.


One of the things that makes this event stand out is that the creative process takes place in an atmosphere that is dynamic and engaging while also being great fun. This is something that really came through when looking at the talented winners at the event: Gogololow followed by Levers Hollywood and Channel Surf.


Special thank you to Rahim Sonawalla for leading such a great event year after year, he is one of the founding fathers of hackathons in Hollywood.

Here are some images for the event.