According to this top creative brand agency Beverly Hills, there’s a set of vital considerations to take into account when modifying your company’s brand image. This goes from logo modifications to a complete brand repositioning.

The reasons vary as different businesses have specific objectives in mind that they wish to achieve by rebranding. The broad goal is to create a new and revamped feel to the company while leaving any outdated image or negative aspects behind.

Without Further Ado, Here’s a Detailed List Of The Rules You Should Follow When Rebranding Your Business:

First, as a business owner, you’ll want to have valid and strong reasons as to why you are rebranding. The simplest way to know if your company calls for rebranding is to write down the reasons versus goals of your company.  These will determine whether you’re moving in the right direction, or if in fact this will hinder your business. Companies don’t always need to rebrand only because of negative or timeworn images. There are many valid reasons such as a new line or product launch, putting emphasis on the strengths of your company, or a partnership announcement.

You’ll want to get your employees and stakeholders involved when it comes to the actual changes your company should make. The most valuable ideas will come from the inside of your company. Your employees will provide the essential knowledge and ideas regarding the changes that will generate the most positive impact. How will you get this knowledge? By creating polls, as well as groups of employees who will be part of the rebranding. Don’t forget about your clients though. Their feedback is imperative, therefore you should try to get as much of it as possible. This could go along with surveys on your current services, or new ones.

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Keep In Mind The Cost Of Rebranding, And How Much You’d Like To Change

Assessing the extent of how much rebranding you’ll do is very important, as you will want to keep it within a certain budget. Our creative brand agency Beverly Hills suggests considering the extent of your rebranding, as it may entail an extensive graphic design work, as well as perhaps redesigning your whole product offering, print and digital marketing.

Creating a new logo entails much more than people tend to think. It will be one of the faces of your company, and it will appear everywhere. This means that you have to make sure there is a wide approval for this. Our well-established creative brand agency Beverly Hills suggests that this new logo must encompass the themes of your company and product line. A good logo design must take into account the element of time as well as functionality.

The Final Touch

Once all the adjustments are made, you’ll have to make sure you get the opinion of your employees, marketing department, and potential customers again. Got it? Now it’s time for the re-launch. Your efforts should now shift towards attracting as much attention to your brand’s new look. This will involve promotion both offline and on social media, and press release among others. An event will be a great way to gain attention and showcase your new brand image to your customers.

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