This year’s Super Bowl brought about some of the most creative, and funniest commercials. Our graphic design Beverly Hills agency curated a list of the best and worst of 2018.

The Worst:

Diet coke came up with the most cringe-worthy and confusing ad. A scattered millennial advocates for Diet Coke’s new Mango flavor. She then takes a sip from a thin can of “Twisted Mango”, and dances awkwardly in front of a wall. They were quite successful at creating an association between the unpleasant ad and the odd-tasting mango flavored Diet Coke.

Ram decided to come up with the most offensive commercial this year. The ad showed people helping each other while using Ram trucks and finishes with the phrase “Built to Serve” . The issue is that Martin Luther King Jr. can be heard in the background giving a sermon. This makes it seem like Dodge is using the speech to sell trucks. It is also suggestive that Dr. King’s dream was for people to drive Ram Trucks…and equal rights.

The Best:

Tourism Australia captivated the audience for weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, bringing Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride together in a trailer for a fictional new Crocodile Dundee movie. Not only was the pairing hilarious, but they managed to show the beauty of the land down under, including its beautiful landscapes, animals, and wine.

Amazon’s ad played around with the idea of Alexa (Amazon’s voice-activated assistant) losing her voice, and having an array of savage celebrities filling in for her. These include Gordon Ramsay criticizing a man having trouble making a grilled cheese, Cardi B being unable to tell a kid the distance between Earth and Mars, and Rebel Wilson talking dirty to a user at a “wine and cheese” party when he asks her to set the mood. This didn’t only have us rolling on the floor laughing but also underscores the importance of having the right voice assistant.

Tide takes the cake this year with the most clever, hilarious and unexpected campaign. Starting with a man driving a sports car along a scenic road, suddenly appearing in a bar surrounded by friends giving the idea that it’d be a beer commercial, then being a farmer resembling the typical Budweiser ad, but then claiming it’s a Tide ad. For a second we saw a man on a horse, and thought the Old Spice commercial was coming back, but then the camera zooms out, and the recurrent average-looking guy tells us…it’s a Tide ad.

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