Today, Google is releasing a preview of their next mobile operating system.

According to Website Growth, your Los Angeles Mobile Marketing Service, Google’s Android N operating system features split-screen multitasking, increased battery life, and advanced notification features.


1. Multi-Window

For the first time, Google themselves are introducing a split-screen multitasking feature to Android. This allows for two different applications to run at the same time on one screen. This multitasking feature has been included before in Samsung’s Android phones, but now the feature is coming pre-incorporated into the new OS.


2. Extended Doze FeatureGoogle Android N Operating System

Google’s last operating system update, Marshmallow, included a battery efficiency feature called Doze. Doze functioned by putting a smartphone or tablet into a low-power mode. This mode took strict control over what could and could not wake the device up when the screen was off and the phone was stationary. Essentially, if a phone hadn’t been interacted with in a while, its battery life would be extended. Android N is extending this feature to conserve more battery life when the phone is not only stationary, but also moving.


3. Grouping notifications

Android N comes with the ability to group notifications coming from one app together. For instance, let’s say that you are downloading multiple television shows from the Google Play Store. As each show finishes, Android N will group each finished download alert together – allowing you to dismiss all notifications from the store at once, or look into them individually.


By giving out this OS preview, Google hopes that extensive testing and glitch-fixing can be done in order for faster manufacturer roll-out.

Google is trying to lessen the time it takes for other smartphone manufacturers to release Android N for their own lines of mobile devices; essentially, they want to make sure that people owning Google’s Nexus devices are not the only people capable of using Android N’s newest features.