In today’s Internet-driven world, we have a plethora of information at the tips of our fingers. One Google, Yahoo or Bing search can yield literally millions of results on any number of given topics, That’s why it’s so hard for many businesses to stand out from the rest—because their website might be buried on page 10 of Google when most people will stop by the time they reach page 4.

Because of this, search engine optimization–or SEO as its commonly called—has become increasingly important for today’s businesses. In case you haven’t heard of SEO, it’s an incredibly powerful Internet marketing technique that can impact the visibility of your company’s website, making the difference between whether your Web page gets seen or not.

Search engine optimization takes into consideration a number of variables, including:

How the search engine works
What terms people are searching for
The actual search term you type in
Content, content quality and links
And much, much more

SEO, when used properly, can be used to boost traffic to your website and boost monetary flow to your business without incurring extra marketing and advertising costs, which is among the reasons it has become such a popular strategy among many businesses.

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