After closing the few locations it launched back in 2008, Taco Bell is having another go at the China market.  The first restaurant opened two weeks ago in the Pudong district of Shanghai; it was packed to the brim with locals and tourists, but will it be able to keep up the success and not be another passing fad?  Website Growth, a Los Angeles marketing company, brings you the details and they might surprise you.

Mexican-style food has never seen large-scale success in China but Taco Bell is hoping the time is right.  They’re confident in the fact that China’s middle class is traveling and they are more interested in new flavors.  Here are a few things that might surprise you about Taco Bell’s relaunch in China:

They’re serving Japanese beer.

Some Taco Bell locations in the U.S. already serve alcohol at their Cantina-style restaurants.  The Shanghai location is no different; they have Asahi, a Japanese-brand beer on tap, in addition to mojitos, green margaritas and a pinky gin.

It’s altered its menu for the local palette.

Well, sort of. Yum China holdings, the owner of the new location, said they have “thoroughly researched and fine-tuned the Taco Bell menu for China.”  The changes are very subtle but they are there.  The biggest differences from the U.S. menu involve different drink options and more avocado add-ons as it has skyrocketed in popularity in China.

It has an upscale feel.

If you’re looking for the comfort of Taco Bell food but with a chic atmosphere, then the Shanghai location is just the spot for you.  It boasts an open floor plan showcasing the kitchen and urban designs.


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