SEO firms stay on top of the algorithms of search engines. Below are 7 questions that you should ask before

signing a contract with any SEO firm:

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Do you have a portfolio of results from your clients to prove that your actions have a positive effect?

Any reputable SEO firm will have plenty of testimonials and proof of the results made by their work. The SEO firm should be able to give some sort of idea of how their current clients are performing or at least how much they have improved.


What tools are used?

Some of the tools that SEO firms use are SEO analytics and keyword search. After asking about what tools are used, try to understand how each tool can potentially benefit you.


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How will I be able to see the changes you make?

SEO firms need nearly all of the information for your website, so you must give them access to your site. Before you sign a contract, inquire how you will be able to see the changes made on your site. When the SEO firm makes changes they should be able to list the changes that were made, so you can correct it if something goes wrong.


What can you guarantee if I use your services?

Most of the time an SEO firm cannot promise anything; they don’t know the outcome of their work before they work with you.  SEO firms can promise that they will work diligently with your work as a client, but that’s about it.


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How does the payment work?

Ideally, this should be one of the first questions asked so that you can have an idea of how much money you will need to pay them. They can charge per project, by the hour or monthly.