The way we access the internet has vastly changed in the last 10 years. We are no longer limited to a desktop or even a laptop. The internet can now be accessed through smartphones, watches, gaming devices, etc. As a result, it has become vital to create content that is optimized for a smaller mobile screen. Beverly Hills Marketing Company

Understand Where You Are NowBeverly Hills Marketing Company

It is important to understand where your website stands now in order to figure out how to improve it. Google has provided a useful tool that can be used to see if your website is mobile friendly. If your website passes Google’s test you will be shown how the googlebot sees your page and will provide additional resources for mobile friendliness. If your website fails, Google will list reasons why and provide recommendations on how to make necessary improvements. Beverly Hills Marketing Company

Don’t Write Less, Write Better

Your focus shouldn’t lie solely with website design. Content copy is just as important. Beverly Hills Marketing Company


When making your content mobile friendly make sure that you stick to necessary information. Get rid of unnecessary points, phrases, words, and sentences. While concise content is crucial to mobile content it does take hard work and time. Your goal is to give as much information on-screen without requiring the user to tap or swipe. It is still acceptable to have longer content, but your goal is to tighten up your writing. Beverly Hills Marketing Company

Copywriting For Mobility

  1. You want to create short, strong headlines. Thus, making your content easilybeverly hills marketing company viewed in a quick scan. Lengthy, insignificant headlines have a tendency to be lost below the fold. There is a small window in which to grab and hold the attention of your viewer. Bold headlines will offer the reader a teaser that will draw them farther into the content. Beverly Hills Marketing Company
  2. Your most powerful content should be at the start of the article. On a desktop you have four or five paragraphs that are visible without scrolling. On a mobile device that visibility shrinks. Start your article with powerful, attention grabbing lines that are a preview of the content below.
  3. Shorten your paragraphs. Mobile users get lost in long paragraphs; they loose patience and move on. On a desktop, a five-sentence paragraph may seem acceptable but a mobile user may find it intimidating.

Mobile users interact with and consume information differenty than desktop users. It has become necessary for you to create a web experience that is meaningful to both users. Beverly Hills Marketing Company