Our specialists at top Beverly Hills marketing company, Website Growth, list 5 ways that Facebook is changing brand engagement.

Check Internet speed and Wi-Fi

Before livestreaming ensure that the internet connection is reliable and that the speed is up to par; if Wi-Fi is available try to use it instead. One of the worst things imaginable when operating online is when the internet connection is cut short or your live stream beginning to lag half way through a significant moment. You don’t want to be seen as the one who is not reliable due to internet failure.


Have an eye-catching headline or description

The first thing that people see is the headline. For nearly every person the headline or description is make or break moment, meaning that they will either view your post or skip by it. Try making your work read-worthy so that you can get as many views as you planned and maybe even more than you expected. Headlines may even attract people who were not the intended target and may reconfirm your audience’s positive thoughts about you.


Connect with your audience

Everyone wants to be appreciated, even your audience. Asking for things like feedback, responding to their questions and allowing them to participate will make their experience a positive one.  Getting feedback for your audience and persuading them to ask questions can make you improve on certain aspects of your social media content too.


Making video an important aspect

In this time video content is almost necessary; in the near future it will be mandatory. Video content will keep your audience very engaged with your content.


Defeating the Competition

Every social media site has their competition to beat. For example, sites like Periscope and Meerkat began offering exclusive services and Facebook realized that they too needed to give users something unique. So, Facebook decided to add cool spin by allowing videos to be viewable after their broadcast is finished.