Instagram MarketingWhat are the qualities of a good Instagram marketing campaign?

With over 400 million monthly visitors, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available. The platform is continuously growing in trajectory and various brands everywhere are looking to utilize the platform to bring brand engagement and consumer traffic. 

Instead of spelling out the best practices, here are five businesses that have successfully mastered the art of Instagram marketing.



1.  National GeographicInstagram Marketing

Who knew the originally printed magazine from the 1800s would make a smooth transition to the age of social media.  National Geographic has built a following of 53 million, by posting intriguing images from around the world taken by national geographic photographers.

2. GoPro

Like Grand Central Station, GoPro also encourages its users to post exciting pictures and videos from around the world.  GoPro’s Instagram account is compiled with clips of people traveling and vacationing, and has round up over 9 million followers.




3.  Grand Central StationInstagram Marketing

Although not a company per se, Grand Central Station has captivated over 70 thousand followers with its images mainly of the station.  Grand Central Station created buzz by encouraging Instagram users to share their experiences at the station through hashtag #GrandCentral. 

4.  ASOS

British Retail store, ASOS took a twist from the conventional retail Instagram account.  ASOS created connectivity with individual users through personal brand ambassadors.  These individuals each have their own Instagram following with the freedom to style themselves and their account however they want, but their accounts (and in turn followings) tie back to the main ASOS brand.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb has also taken advantage of the opportunity to post pictures from all over the world.  The company has amassed over 1 million followers through their high-quality images of Airbnb travelers’ locations and experiences. 

The best Instagram marketing strategies are the unique ones.  Take notes from these businesses to perfect your business’s marketing campaign.