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Before social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, there were calling cards. Like many other things in this technologically driven world, calling cards are now online. However, the position of online calling cards has still not been filled. There are several contenders in the running and each take sits own unique approach to the idea of online calling cards.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Google, and More!

Twitter has recently released a new feature to developers only that may rival Facebook’s Connect System when it comes to easily logging into various websites.

Google has its own version of the connect system that is different from both Twitter’s and Facebook’s. Google’s version allows users to designate their website as their ID as well as their data store. The goal of every connect system, regardless of who’s version it is, is to provide the sites that Internet users visit every day with information about the user and the people they interact with online on a regular basis. The purpose of this is to allow sites to provide each user with their own personal service. Experts in the industry are excited about Twitter’s approach to connect systems.

Many sites other than Facebook have adopted it’s connect system so that their users can sign into the site using their identity that has been verified. Social data on each user is applied to publish their activities to their news feed on Facebook. Twitter is currently offering its members a feature that, while similar to Facebook’s, could possibly provide better connections.

 [dropcap class=”kopa-dropcap dc1″]As the social media universe gets more users, websites need to become apart of it. The ability for a website to have a connection with users is the first step to gaining the confidence of your website visitor.[/dropcap]

A representative of Yahoo recently wrote an article that discusses the way in which users can sign into various websites with their Twitter sign in information. The representative wrote that this move applies to the standards held by the Facebook Connect program. He pointed out the differences between Facebook’s connect system and Twitter’s connect system. Both systems are compatible with both third party sites and sites that can be used in conjunction with Twitter.

The idea behind all of this is that any site that a user can log into with his or her Twitter sign in can easily obtain the user’s permission to take personal information about them from their Twitter account. Other websites will be able to tell if a user is logged into his or her Twitter account. If they are, the website logs them in automatically. If they are not, they will be asked if they want to let the particular site access their info from Twitter. This does not involve having to enter the Twitter password into another site’s log in page.

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While every social networking site wants to be seen as a platform, Twitter actually is one. Facebook’s connect system operates on the assumption that a user is willing to share information about themselves only to people they have chosen.

Facebook’s calling card is not as convenient for developers as Twitter’s calling card is. This is because the Facebook calling card is more complex than Twitter’s. Facebook’s calling card does not release personal information to everyone.