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SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of making sure a website ranks highly in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The ranking a website achieves depends on how many hits the website gets. Most major websites are visited after appearing at the top of a Google search. In turn, the more people visit a particular website the higher it will appear in Google search results.

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An example of this is that a California electrician that appears at the top of a Google search for electricians in that area will have more website visitors than any other electrician in California. The majority of Internet users will click on the first result that comes up in a Google search for their specified subject. This means if a website is further down in the results, most people won’t even bother to visit it.

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Beverly Hills-based SEO company Website Growth assists website owners with many SEO services, including content writing and press releases, website review/analysis, the researching and analysis of keywords, reporting and account management, public relations online, social media marketing, the development of links and submission and optimization of local searches. Other services offered include Facebook and Twitter connects, Social Site Outreach, Google AdSense, Analytics and other tools for the webmaster.

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If a company’s website is not showing up as the first result in a Google search, it is guaranteed that the company is losing customers to their competition. Every company that sells products or services wants consumers to turn to them and no one else. More than 97% of the companies that use Website Growth report that they continually renew their service because they know they are getting the best SEO services money can provide. Some of the services that keep companies coming back are pay-per-click, search engine optimization, link building, and SEO training classes as well as SEO for E-commerce sites.


Pay-per-click services help companies achieve the top ranking in popular search engines such as Yahoo and Google through the use of sponsored listings. SEO services propel companies to the top of a search engine’s rankings through the use of natural listings as opposed to listings that are sponsored by a company. Website Growth’s link building services present companies with ethical strategies used to drive traffic to a website and send it to the top of the ranks in both Google and Yahoo. They even offer SEO training classes to employees of companies who want to manage their own SEO efforts. Website Growth will also design an online store to be as SEO friendly as possible, helping to improve a company’s sales. A company that already has an online store can get theirs redesigned as well.

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Clients who use Website Growth for their SEO needs receive great results and the chance to see their websites rank higher on the top search engines in the world like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you are interested in SEO services, please contact Website Growth for a  complimentary site evaluation.