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  • Sears Announces Store Closures

    Sears Announces Store Closures

    Sears has announced the closing of over 100 Kmart stores and 41 of its Sears outlets. That same day, Sears also announced that it had sold its Craftsman tool brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc. Beverly Hills Web Design   Stanley Black & Decker Inc. plans to expand the availability of the Craftsman brand […]

  • Beverly Hills Marketing And Web Design

    Beverly Hills Marketing And Web Design

    Having a well designed website, as any business owner will tell you, is invaluable. The internet has become the place of choice in the initial search for products and services of all kinds, meaning that usability and design aspects of a website make a huge difference that can be directly measured in sales growth. Website […]

  • How To Improve Your Google Ranking

    Search engine ranking on Google is one of the most important factors for any business owner who doesn’t want to lose out to the competition. There are a wide range of factors that affect how your website is ranked. Google is constantly changing it’s search algorithm and as such it’s more important than ever for […]

  • Los Angeles Website Design

    Los Angeles Website Design

    In Los Angeles things move fast, and if you want your company to be successful you are going to need a strong web presence. This is to help you be more competitive in your field but to also give customers a quick way to find you when they don’t want to search very hard. […]

  • 3 Tips in Finding the Best Graphic Designer for Your Website

    1. Choose someone you can trust. There are a lot of names out there when it comes to web and graphic design. The possibilities seem overwhelming. Luckily, finding a name you can trust is easier than you may think. The internet is an empowering tool that allows you to research these companies, and you can […]