Blending Influencers, Audiences, and Celebrities

Influencer marketing is growing and ever-changing. Website Growth, a Los Angeles Marketing Company, has noticed that influencer campaigning has increased to more than 80 percent of marketers in 2016. Anyone can become endorsed now, knowing that a target audience member has the potential to influence product-selling in any way.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for using the products they love and potentially gain fame from it? Influencer marketing has dramatically increased due to consumers being desensitized by ads, ad-blocking, and product’s desire to be well-known to millennials. However, what does it take to become an influencer in the market? How do influencers impact the market? And, how do influencers, audiences, and celebrities interchange?

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What does it take to become an influencer?

Almost anyone can become an influencer in the market. Anyone in a product’s target audience is almost a perfect match to sell their product because they are the most familiar with it. However, it takes the right time, place, and person in the influencer market to sell your product. Most millennials are viewing shows online, for example YouTube, and not on their TV set at home.

How do influencers impact the market?

Audiences can relate to influencers more than celebrities. Influencers on YouTube for example, Michelle Phan with her makeup-tutorial videos, make excellent product endorsers because of their relatability with their audience or consumers. Influencers gain more credibility and product-selling because they are former customers, just like their audience. On the flip-side, authenticity could be questioned due to the rise of influencer’s fame, and the possibility of “selling-out”.

How do influencers, audiences, and celebrities interchange?

An audience member could easily become an influencer. They could love the product they use, continue to post on their social media platforms, and become noticed by companies. An influencer can easily become a celebrity. They could be adored by many people and gain a fan-base that skyrockets their fame career. For example,’s Baby Ariel signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Creative Artists Agency, just for lip-syncing to her favorite songs.


Influencer marketing is changing with fan preference and increasing with millennial influence. Who wouldn’t want to influence a product they love and become famous?

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