3 Ways to Get Google + to Work for You

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//3 Ways to Get Google + to Work for You

3 Ways to Get Google + to Work for You

Will Facebook remain the social media empire it is today? Many social media experts admit Facebook has done an excellent job, but it is really only a matter of time before they fall like Myspace.


“As a company like Facebook grows, it’s natural for middle management to begin to fatten up and become ‘safe’. Decisions are made slower and more methodical. Infrastructure decisions are made carefully. This allows younger, hungrier and more agile organizations to swoop into the lead.” – Douglas Karr, CEO of DK New Media


Some are betting on Google + as the next social media monarch. Can anyone rally behind Google+ early, and leverage this social media site to yours and your company’s advantage? Google + looks drastically different from Facebook.  Google+ is intimidating when users are used to “liking” here, sharing and scrolling. In order to help out master Google+, and stay ahead, Website Growth.com will provide you with 3 common questions about Google + and 3 informative answers.


Q’s & A’s


1. Is it valuable to embed links into my Google + account?

Yes. And the more the better! Links are worth their weight in gold. Google + generates the full URL quickly and cleanly (much faster than Facebook) into a clickable link; links amplify the value of a post and increase the amount of times that it is given the “+1″ which is Google talk for “Liked.”


2. Does my Google + title tag correlate at all with my ranking?

When you post your “status” on Google + it becomes ingrained in the title tag. Title tags are directly connected with click through rates and rankings. Think about the first part of your post as a tweet or a headline, pick the most important and poignant words for the beginning because that is what most people will see and read.


3. Is my Google + account changeable after I set it up? What do my edit options look like?

There is much more privacy, control and edit options on Google+ compared to Facebook or other social media sites. You can: edit one post, delete another post, and link yet another post. Disable comments, too, and lock a post. Options are always good. But, more importantly, since social media is constantly changing, users need more access to adjusting, updating and changing their social media platforms.

Like anything valuable, the next social media site will take time to learn how we can best leverage it to our advantage, but if it is indeed Google + this will give you a head start.


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